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The lecture highlighted in detail the documentation hurdles that a service provider will face during the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. It also provides with an awareness and education based curriculum that would be used on service providers and coders to make the transition smooth and less costly. The lecture also highlights how technology can play a part to reduce the initial anxiety that will be faced by service providers due to the transition. EHR and EPR providers have also started to incorporate the diagnosis changes into their programs. Unfortunately the overwhelming change in the codes will still cause problems in actual documentation. For instance, a code for ankle sprain in ICD-9 had just 4 sub codes while in ICD-10 has 72 sub-codes for ankle sprain.

Develop a strategy to educate and help service providers in the implementation of the ICD-10 transition.
The strategy should not only educate the doctor but also provide with a tool to make the transition easy.