03. April 2014 · Comments Off on New Data From eHealth Price Index Points to Off-Exchange Enrollment Trends as Open Enrollment Draws to a Close · Categories: Uncategorized

eHealth is the largest private online health insurance exchange and updated its eHealth Price Index. This Index includes data on key enrollment demographics, consumer plan selections, and average health insurance costs for the second half of Obamacare’s open enrollment period.

Over the last three months, the eHealth Price Index shows eHealth customers were younger and usually were previously uninsured. eHealth has been successful in approaching the 18-34 age group and signing up customers, noting that plans generally have lower average monthly premiums than the ones from the first half of the Affordable Care Act. The ultimate goal is to be able to enroll subsidy eligible people online on a large scale, not just through the phone. Enrollment in “catastrophic” plans has increased tremendously, while regular plans have subsided in popularity.

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